License / Sales Number

Where can I find the License Number?

If you are already using your AVG product, you can find and verify with your AVG License Number by going to the License component in AVG.
Instructions for locating your AVG License Number are available here.

The AVG Identity Protection License Number can be found in the application as follows:

  • Open AVG Identity Protection.
  • Switch to tab Settings.
  • The License Number is shown in the bottom part of the window.

Can I reinstall my AVG on another computer without paying again?

You can transfer your purchased AVG software from one computer to another at any time during the license period.

  1. It is necessary to uninstall AVG from the computer that will no longer be in use. If the original computer is not operable, uninstallation is not required.
  2. You can then install AVG on the new computer.

You will be prompted to enter your AVG License Number during the installation process. If you have lost your AVG License Number, please fill the License retrieval form and we will send it to your registered e-mail address.


I have lost my AVG License Number

If you need to retrieve your AVG License Number, please contact AVG Customer Services who will assist you.


What is the difference between AVG Sales Number and AVG License Number?

When purchasing an AVG product, you will be supplied with either AVG Sales Number or AVG License Number.

  • When you receive an AVG License Number we highly recommend that you install your product immediately. This will allow you to enjoy the full license period.
  • When you receive an AVG Sales Number, there is no time limit on installing the product. After installing your product using an AVG Sales Number, a 30-day period begins during which the AVG Sales Number must be registered. Upon registration, the AVG License Number (with 1 or 2-year license period) will be sent to your registered e-mail address. You will then need to activate your AVG installation with the AVG License Number provided. This can be done by following these steps:
  1. Open the AVG program (double-click the AVG icon on the taskbar).
  2. Double-click the License component.
  3. Click the Re-activate button.
  4. In the next dialog, enter your new License Number into the appropriate field using the copy & paste method.
  5. Confirm the activation.

We recommend that you store your AVG License Number in a safe place, together with the license and registration information for other computer software and technology that you own.